Google. YouTube. Facebook. Amazon. BrownBroSports. That’s right folks. Allow me to do the honor of introducing the next hottest website to revolutionize the internet. The website you are currently reading has the potential to, as the kids today say, “break the internet.”

As with all great things we are starting small.  I am your author, Gregory Brown, a 29 year old lifelong Patriots fan. My older brother, Andy Brown, is the genius (nerd) who created, designed and uploaded all the info for this beautiful website. I am currently working as a cubicle monkey at a medical device company and while I have no complaints with my current employment, it leaves something to be desired in the creativity department. I always told myself my “dream job” would be a sports writer so writing a sports blog on my free time seems like the next closest thing right?

Contrary to the opening paragraph, I have no delusions that this blog is going to change the world. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I can count how many people read this on one hand (hi Mom!). But I needed a hobby and if it makes me happy to write, then goddammit I am going to write!


Why are you writing a blog?

  • I readily admit that I have, and have always had, an unhealthy obsession with New England sports.
  • There are only so many times you can refresh Reddit in one evening before you need to find yourself a hobby.
  • The internet is in dire need of more strong, uninformed opinions.
  • I’m just in it for the Facebook likes baby. The Twitter retweets. The Instagram shares. The Reddit gold.

Why should I listen to you?

  • I got a B+ in my Introduction to Creative Writing course as a freshman in college.
  • I know my football X’s and O’s; not to brag but I won the Super Bowl on “pro” difficulty in Madden 2012.
  • While I have never played a down of football, I did play Division I NCAA soccer. Although I wasn’t what some people would call a “starter” (7 appearances in 3 years), I was undeniably a great locker room presence. Point is, I know sports at its highest competitive level.   
  • It has to better than listening to that girl you went to high school with trying to sell you pyramid scheme health shakes and workout plans right?
  • Why not, you prick?

What should I expect?

  • My personal experiences/insight as a New England sports fan living in North Carolina.
  • NFL away stadium reviews (my family and I go to an away Pats game every year).
  • Amusing anecdotes and quips about the Patriots, Tom Brady and the NFL in general.
  • If I am being honest, I’ll probably write a bunch of posts in the beginning then less and less as I lose interest.
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