Ran into an old flame today, well not so much ran into as followed for weeks to learn her routine and then “bump” into her in the street as she left work… She’s aged well, sexier than I remember. Her color, a beautiful bronze. A powerful primal smell that said drink me, but was not too aggressive, oh no, it fanned the flames of my pheromones but there was a clean crispness to it that I so desired.

As I took the first sip I was immediately hit with the hops, ah yes all the memories came flooding back, after all it’s why I came back in the first place…but there was more this time. We had both matured, since our last go around. The hops were more complex than I had remembered, behind the hops a solid malt finish that leaves you wanting more. Yes, two passionate lovers back in the day had matured into sexual predators, feeding on their every desire with each passionate gulp. As climax overtook the two of us, a clean finish washed over me. It was refreshing. I wasn’t tired, I didn’t feel dirty.. I wanted more.

This was indeed a well founded venture to revisit a prior love. She may not be the young firecracker she once was but she has aged gracefully.  Time causes memories to fade, but I won’t let her get away again.  Never forget….Stone IPA

7 out of 10 hands free orgasms

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