Before we moved our blog over to BrownBroSports I wrote a blog about debunking the myth that the Patriots have such a good record simply because they play in the dumpster fire of a division.

I thought that I made it pretty straightforward. I broke the article up into digestible chunks. I used pictures. And yet…

Way to make your school system proud, Jimmy.

So in honor of Mr. Clemons, I’m rewriting the article to help him (and those like him who are also reading impaired). 

Question 1: Did you include the Patriots wins in the AFC east numbers? If so, this article is really dumb.

Yes, Jimmy: the Patriots wins are included in ALL the numbers. The numbers that you’re looking at is the Patriots’ record against each division. I can see why you’d be confused; it’s not as if I mentioned this. Wait, no. I did:

It’s been argued that the Patriots great win percentage is a product of happenstance; a mix of good luck and bad opponents. That if they didn’t play in the AFC East, things would look a lot different. Luckily, we here at the PatriotsDynasty site have those statistics, so let’s dive in — starting with the Patriots win percentage against the entire NFL.

So to recap: those numbers in the pretty circles (which are pie graphs of each win percentage, by the way) are actually the Patriots record against each conference or division. Really dumb.

Question 2: Why do you sample size larger for the AFC East? This is a horrible article.

The sample size is larger because teams in the NFL play their division mates twice a season, every season. So the Pats have played the AFC East more than any other division because it’s the one they’re in. What a horrible article.

Question 3: AFC West over the last 20 years has been the toughest division, yet you have it as the easiest.

First of all, this isn’t a question, but I’ll let it slide. Secondly, we’re only going back to 2000 (since that’s when Belichick took over the team), but let’s assume you’re rounding for the sake of simplicity.

And while you are correct that the Patriots have “struggled” the most against the AFC West (well, just the Broncos), that would explain why the Patriots have a LOWER win percentage than anywhere else. 

Lower Patriots win percentage = Harder division


If you are actually implying that the AFC West is the toughest division, you’re sorely mistaken. Here, take a look at the current standings since 2000.

Divisional Standings (2000-2017)

AFC East63655300.535
NFC East59355720.515
NFC South57857220.502
AFC North57757140.501
AFC West57058200.495
NFC North56758320.492
AFC South54857200.489
NFC West54360540.471

What a shocker, the AFC East has been an absolutely dominant division thanks to the best dynasty in the history of the sport. Without them in the division? That vaunted AFC West? A little less than mediocre. Huh.

Divisional Standings (without the Patriots)

NFC East59355720.515
NFC South57857220.502
AFC North57757140.501
AFC West57058200.495
NFC North56758320.492
AFC South54857200.489
AFC East39546900.457
NFC West54360540.471

Shocker, the AFC East plummets. But this isn’t really a fair representation, is it? Of course removing the division winner will drop a division’s win percentage. What happens if we remove the division winner from all of the divisions for each season?

Division Win Percentages (without each division leader)

AFC East36738900.485
NFC East39047220.451
NFC South39450120.439
AFC North36849340.425
AFC South36549900.422
AFC West36350100.420
NFC North36150220.417
NFC West34751540.401

Well would you look at that! It turns out that when you look at just the 3 teams in each division that didn’t finish first, the “easy” AFC East is actually the top performing group. 

“But wait,” you cry. “Removing the division winner isn’t fair! That punishes teams that only win the division sometimes!” To that I say…

Only win the division sometimes? I don’t understand. But alas, I’ll humor this line of thinking by removing the best team from each division since 2000.

NFC East42144210.487
NFC South42144120.487
AFC West40146300.464
AFC East39546900.457
AFC North38947230.450
NFC North38947410.450
AFC South36846400.442
NFC West38247930.442

Yep, still not the worst. 

So really what we should be saying is that the Bills, Jets and Dolphins are hanging in there despite having to compete against the Patriots instead of the inverse.

And yet, even with the toughest division in football, the Patriots don’t lose. 

It’s awesome that Patriots fans have a site to bury their heads in the sand and read insanely bad statistics. This is awsome!

Yeah, having a site like is pretty awesome. Especially when it allows us to debunk bullshit excuses that other fans create to make it seem like this Patriots dynasty isn’t the greatest that the NFL has ever seen. Glad you enjoyed it, and hopefully this wasn’t as hard to read.

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