It had been another long day of watching practice for Antonio Brown and he wanted nothing more than to get back to his Oakland bachelor-pad, run a hot bath, kick off his cleats and spend the evening name-searching himself on twitter. Despite not participating in drills with his teammates, training camp had been exhausting what with the all the grievances he had brought against the league. And to top it all off his feet were still tender from the cryogenic freezing incident from Paris. Why wouldn’t that damn doctor tell him to wear sandals in the chamber? His feet are his money maker, they are what sets him apart from the others.  Heck, he even nicknamed himself “Tony Toe Taps” back in Pittsburgh.  Antonio cussed the doc under the breath as he peeled off his socks, revealing a thin layer of fresh skin on the soles of his feet.

Just as Antonio was running his hand under the tap of the tub a loud rapping on the front door echoed through the cavernous foyer. Antonio lurched at the suddenness of the noise….who would be knocking at his door at this hour? Surely not a coach or teammate, he hadn’t spoken to them in weeks. Carefully, he tip-toed down the hall, cracked open the massive oak door and peered through the sliver, his eyes adjusting to the emptiness of the night. What he saw staring back at him pulled the breath directly out of his (big) chest.  Before him, stood a 6’4” 350 pound bear of a man, lotion in one hand and toenail clippers in the other. It was Rex Ryan.

Brown could only manage to blurt out “coach?” as he attempted to corral the thoughts racing through his mind. 

“Don’t speak” Ryan whispers, “just let daddy take care of you.”

Antonio blushed a deep red, the blood rushing to his cheeks. Nobody had ever been this direct with him before. After his initial shock had subsided, his curiosity started to pique. Of course he had read all the stories about Rex’s alleged foot-fetish but he never knew how much of it was true. Now it appeared he was about find out first-hand. Or should he say….first-foot.

“Please, come in Mr. Ryan” Brown stammered, his voice cracking as he spoke.

Ryan gently glided by Antonio into the lobby. “Call me Rexy” he whispered into Antonio’s ear on his way by.

 Two glasses of Pinot Grigio later and Antonio was starting to loosen up. It may have been the wine or it may have been Rex’s brashness and charisma but either way, the next thing either one of them knew, Antonio’s socks were off and he was receiving the most amazing foot massage he had ever experienced. Ryan clearly knew his way around feet; he gently kneaded on the soles, softly caressed the arches and lightly tickled each of the toes. Antonio giggled with glee.

“This little piggy went to school, this little piggy went to the store…” Rex hummed as he counted off Antonio’s toes one-by-one. “…this little piggy moved down south and this little piggy……went right in Rexy’s mouth.”

And with that Rex bent over a plopped Antonio’s big toe into his warm, wet mouth. A wave of pleasure exploded up Antonio’s leg from his toes all the way up to his face. His tongue tingled and his mouth watered .The smell of Rex’s masculine pheromones mixed with the floral scents of the foot lotion filled Antonio’s nostrils, releasing spasms of pleasure.  “Call me Mr. Big Chest, tell me that I’m beautiful!” Antonio demanded of Rex, losing himself in the excitement of the moment.

“Yew beuwful mist big cheh” Rex gargled with a mouth full of toes.

Antonio groaned as he ran his hands through Rex’s long, luscious, flowing hair.

Suddenly, Antonio jilted back to reality. WAIT he thought, long flowing hair?! This wasn’t Rex Ryan at all!

His toes were in Rob Ryan’s mouth!!!